Episode 8: Interview with Sara Feldman

In this episode we cover the action from Week 6 along with our NBA award predictions. We make our MLB playoff predictions followed by an interview with Brandon’s friend Sara(40:01-52:19). We wrap up the show with some new segments including Stick to Your Day Job and Love is Dead along with Ya Hate to See, Aim for the Bushes and our Take(s) of the Week.

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Episode 7: AJ’s Vacation

In this episode we cover all of Week 5 in the NFL and make our predictions for Thursday night.  We also cover UFC229 and the aftermath of McGregor Khabib. We preview the NBA and cover the last of the preseason stories. We wrap up the show with AJ talking about his vacation, TNN, Ya Hate to See it, and AJ Quotes the Movies.

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Episode 6: Interview with Fran

In this episode of The Tossup we cover all of the Week 4 NFL action along with our MLB playoff ideas and NBA Preseason takeaways. We follow with an interview with Brandon’s hometown friend, Fran and wrap up the show with our Take of the Week along with the following segments: Ya Hate to See It,  Bold Strategy Cotton and Movie Reviews for Movies we’ve only seen the Trailers for.

Episode 5: Interview with Krysten and Sarah

We kick off this episode with a recap of Week 3 NFL action followed by our reactions to the the opening weeks of the NBA drama. We briefly touch on some NHL headlines from this week and dive right into our interview with Sarah and Krysten. We end the show with some segments; AJ quotes the movies, Upcoming Movies Reactions, Grammar 101, Take of the Week and In Hot Water. Be sure to subscribe!

Episode 4: Interview with Trevor Adams

In this episode, we cover all of Sunday’s Week 2 NFL action. We also dive a little bit into the main stories from College Football. We have an interview with Brandon’s hometown friend, Trevor Adams about living in Boston and the current state of the NY Giants. We wrap out the show with our newest segment, TNN (Twitter News Network) and our Fave Five of Game Endings.

Episode 3: Interview with Lindell Thomas

BREAKING: We know the sound sucks, we fixed it following the episode

In this episode, we talk NFL Week 1 and College Football Weeks 1 and 2. We also dive into Eminem’s new album and MGK’s diss. We also talk about the upcoming hurricane that’s going to hit us. We do our Fave Five of Party Themes and wrap up with our interview with out roommate Lindell Thomas.

Episode 2: Interview with Jacklyn Hucke

In this episode, start by talking about the return of the NFL and College Football, Tiger v. Phil, and Logan Paul v. KSI. We also do our Fave Five of Game Shows and a fun interview with Brandon’s hometown friend Jacklyn Hucke. We wrap up the show with our reactions to a Relationship Goals Twitter account and Barstool Sports’ Article on Pete Davidson’s Butthole Eyes. Be sure to hit that subscribe button and email us at thetossuppodcast@gmail.com if you want to be a guest on the show!

-The Boys of the Tossup

Episode 1: Welcome to the Podcast!

Welcome to our inaugural episode of The Toss Up! featuring Brandon Segal, Todd Spencer, Ben Harper and Abdulai Sei. This will be a short episode that will introduce ourselves and what we plan to make the show about. We’ll end it with a few segments and what we plan on doing for the next episode.

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– The Boys of the Toss Up